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Elderberry Syrup and Essential Oils for a Healthy Winter

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elderberry syrup and essential oils

Elderberry Syrup is all the rage these days

Believe it or not, there are recipes for elderberry-based medications dating as far back as Ancient Egypt. Some Ancient Egyptians even had the tincture buried with them. Historians, however, generally trace the tradition of the elderberry’s healing power back to Hippocrates, the ancient Greek known as the “father of medicine,” who described this plant as his “medicine chest” for the wide variety of ailments it seemed to cure.

Elderberries are particularly rich in flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that work to keep the immune system functioning well.


Dr Gerhard Rechkemmer is the President of Germany’s Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food. His research has shown that the anthocyanins in elderberries boost the production of cytokines – proteins that act as messengers within the immune system. Cytokines play a crucial role in the immune system’s response to disease. They can be both inflammatory or anti-inflammatory depending on what is needed and are released by immune cells either directly into the blood stream or locally into body tissue during an immune response. (1)

So what can the mighty elderberry help us with?

Immune Support

While elderberry syrup  may not prevent you from getting sick, it may be an effective option for keeping your immune system functioning at its best. Research shows the use of elderberry could shorten the duration of illness by about three to four days, along with lessening severity if taken within the first 24 hours. Its Vitamin A & C content also helps the body fight against things like colds and flue

Insulin balancing

The berry has been traditionally explored in its usage by patients with diabetes, with evidence published in the Journal of Nutrition demonstrating the presence of insulin-releasing and insulin-like activity in the proclaimed anti-diabetic plant, Sambucus nigra.

Promotes Mental Health

Extracts from an elder plant have shown to be naturally uplifting. Though more research is still warranted in elderberry’s role in mental health, there is no denying pouring elderberry syrup atop a short stack is sure to crack a smile…

Acts as A Natural Diuretic

Diuretics increase the amount of water and salt expelled from the body in the form of urine and helps support healthy blood pressure.

Supports Skin Health

Elderberries have shown to support skin health thanks to anthocyanin, the compound that gives the berries their vibrant color. Anthocyanins have shown to combat the internal consequences of natural aging, improving the external appearance of skin tone and glow.

Supports healthy Inflammatory levels

Elderberry displays numerous anti-inflammatory activities, particularly related to its anthocyanin and vitamins A and C contents. Inflammation has shown to be the root of many chronic diseases, so anything that keeps our inflammatory response working correctly is something I’m certainly on board with. (2)

Adding in essential oils gives this already amazing elixir and even more powerful PUNCH:


Did you know cloves contain 30 times more antioxidants than blueberries? Antioxidants are molecules that reverse the damage caused by free radicals. Research has shown that antioxidants slow aging, degeneration and help the body fight against bad bacteria and viruses. Because of its high antioxidant count and eugenol levels, clove is known as the ultimate “protective” herb. (3)


A powerful oil, cinnamon promotes a healthy circulatory system (both internally and when applied to the skin). It also helps us maintain a healthy immune system and inflammaory response. A


Ginger contains a potent compound called gingerol. This high concentration of gingerol supports the immune system and promote a healthy response to inflammation


Lemon essential oil has detoxifying effects on the body, with daily use you can help cleanse your body, ridding it of any harmful or toxic buildup that may be present. This helps us get and stay healthy.

elderberry syrupElderberry Syrup, Instant Pot Edition

1 cup dried elderberries
4 cups bottled or filtered water
3/4 cup raw honey (local or you can get lots of great options from Thrive Market)
1 drop doTERRA Clove essential oil
1 drop doTERRA Cinnamon essential oil
1 drop doTERRA Ginger essential oil
3 drops doTERRA Lemon essential oil

Add elderberries and water to Instant Pot. Process at high pressure for 10 minutes. Do a quick pressure release, remove lid, and simmer for 10-15 minutes until liquid has reduced by about half.

Allow to cool slightly and strain out berries with a mesh bag, squeezing as much liquid out as you can.  Stir in honey and essential oils (make sure you wait until syrup has cooled slightly for this step so the heat does not negatively effect the therapeutic values in the honey and oils)

Pour into bottles or jars, store in refrigerator. Keeps for several weeks

For kiddos 2-12, take 1 teaspoon daily as a preventative, or 1 teaspoon every few hours when not feeling well.

For 13+, take 1 Tablespoon daily as preventative, or 1 Tablespoons every few hours when sick.

essential oils for elderberry syrup

If you are interested in getting all the oils I used in the recipe, I have a great opportunity for you! Order all four oils & get a wholesale customer account (save 25% off retail on this order!) and you’ll also get:

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Shipping is fast, so you’ll be making your elderberry syrup in no time! Or if you need some oil help, let’s chat

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