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Why should you try Lifelong Vitality?

Adding the LifeLong Vitality supplements to my daily routine have made a huge impact on my overall wellness.  I won’t ever be without them. But it’s not just me,

Hear what others have to say......

Mia G. says, “I L❤️VE the LifeLong Vitality supplements! I have been using them for over 5 years. What benefits have I experienced? Reduced hot flashes and mood swings during menopause. More energy. More good days than bad with my fibromyalgia and digestive issues. Mental wellness, knowing I am doing something healthy and positive for myself.

LoriAnn S. shares, ” I’ve been on a 1/2 dose of my LLVs for almost 2 weeks now (1 of each, morning and nighttime). I usually tire by 2 p.m. and feel the need for a nap (not that I get it, but just hit a slump in the day). I’ve not had that feeling since being on the LLVs. I’m SO happy with this small baby step and can’t wait to work more on being the best ME this coming year. 💚

Samantha M. says, “The LLVs changed my body! Gave me energy. Gave me less brain fog. Took my mom brain, and made it ready to go! But it also helped some of my POTS symptoms!! It made it not so severe which was a major game change. Over all… I feel amazing with the LLVs. Which is why I will continue to take them for forever! The LLVs plus the terrazyme are my constant go-tos!!”

Eunice N. tells us,  “I started using LLVS in May 2018 when my sister introduced it to me! I was disabled by a back injury in 2013, suffered from psoriatic arthritis, stomach ulcers, acid reflux and I was on constant pain killers every day. When I started the LLVS I completely stopped taking my prescription meds and the over the counter meds as well, and I have never felt better! I don’t use any meds or over the counter meds, I am pain free and feel fabulous!”

Becky P. shares,  “I was never loyal to one line of supplements until the LLVs. The balance, stability and energy that this set brings into my life (and ultimately my family) is nothing short of inspiringly energizing!! Our oldest has always struggled with sinus issues. At wits end in November he came to me asking what he could do. He was highly sensitive to cats and his best friend has an indoor cat. I told him the only way to fix it is to start the LLVS and continue for at least 2 months. He started his own account, got his first set and takes 1/2 dose every morning. He is no longer bothered. Not sure what happened in his system, but he can love on cats and no swelling of face or eyes, no stuffiness… None of it!!”

Karen H. says, “My husband has suffered chronic IBS for over 20 years and a screwed up immune system since the new year of 2000 when he caught an extremely bad dose of the flu! As the years progressed so did his ailments and the curse of IBS, we even missed our best friends wedding because of it!
Fast forward many years and he is diagnosed with arthritis in his hands and knees.
I re-find doTERRA through a very good friend and shortly after we start him in the LLV’s, PB Assist and terrazyme. He has never looked back, he can now goes weeks feeling good. He has no discomfort in his hands and knees, he can tell when he misses a dose as the discomfort creeps back! We own a landscaping business so obviously those two body parts take a beating as well as the back!
He recently had to travel internationally and brought back a nasty bug, I feel the LLV’s lessened the severity of the crud.
For me the LLV’s have given me more energy and made me less prone to mood swings and I only take a 1/4 dose.
Would I recomend them? Heck yes!”

What's in them?

Microplex VMz

Provides 22 essential vitamins and minerals to support normal growth, function, and maintenance of cells

Microplex VMz


A unique formula of essential oils and marine- and land-sourced omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids help support joint, cardiovascular, and brain health, and support healthy immune function


Alpha CRS

A proprietary formula combining potent levels of natural botanical extracts that support healthy cell function with important metabolic factors of cellular energy.


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