What is Nutritional Yeast and how do I use it?

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Nutritional Yeast – what in the world is that?

I first saw nutritional yeast listed in a recipe for Kale Chips in one of doTERRA’s Living Magazines.  I just beginning to understand the diet-gut-immune connection and even the thought of Kale Chips was bizarre to me.  (I actually love them now—obsessively love them)

Well, I don’t like not knowing things.  Which can totally get annoying at times. But in this case it was quite beneficial for my whole family (they all love it when I cook with nutritional yeast now)

So what the heck is nutritional yeast?

Nutritional yeast is made from a single-celled organism, Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. This organism is grown on molasses and then harvested, washed, and dried with heat to kill it. Since it is inactive, it doesn’t froth or grow like the yeast you bake bread with. (not to worry, no candida either)

Nutritional yeast is a good source of complete protein (according to HealthResearchFunding.org, a serving of nutritional yeast can also provide nine grams of protein) and it also contains:
A full spectrum of B vitamins
Chromium (an essential nutrient required for sugar and fat metabolism)
Sixteen different amino acids, so good for muscle-building and repair
Over fourteen key minerals
Seventeen vitamins
AND it is low in sodium and fat, gluten-free, and free from any added sugars or preservatives.

 I had no clue about this food for a lot of years.  How did that happen??

So while it is a FAB source of nutrients, it really wouldn’t matter if it didn’t taste so good…..  However it DOES taste amazing. It has been described as cheesy, nutty, and savory. I fell completely love with it when we were doing Whole 30 and first cut dairy out of my diet.  We cooked down some zucchini, added tomato sauce (which thankfully is not a trigger for me) and added nutritional yeast.  OH MY WORD.  I made complete pig out of myself.
It has several amazing health benefits – here are just a few examples:

1)Healthy Immune Function
Anyone with an autoimmune disease knows that if we can get our immune system back on a better track, lots of things will improve for us.  Without getting too scientific, nutritional yeast contains compounds like iron, selenium, and zinc which promote proper immune function

2)Improves Digestion
Yes, nutritional yeast does contain some probiotics too – and you all know I believe we need to include lots of probiotics in our diets.

3)Is a complete protein
Because it is a complete protein, nutritional yeast can help boost energy levels, increase focus, and soothe muscles & joints; it helps your metabolism, and supports healthy moods & emotions.

What to do with it?
Here are a couple of easy ideas:

The easiest?  Pop some popcorn (unless of course it is a trigger food for you – and actually POPE it. Don’t use microwave cancer popcorn PLEASE) and sprinkle it with approx. ¼ cup nutritional yeast and a little salt.   We pop with coconut oil.  It’s delish on its own – and the nutritional yeast is just a cheesy yummy icing on the cake.

“Cheesy” Broccoli
Preheat oven to 425F
Cut one head of broccoli into uniform size florets.
Toss broccoli with 1/3-1/2 cup olive oil, 1 tsp of garlic salt, 1/3 cup nutritional yeast

Bake for approximately 20 minutes, until browned and desired doneness is reached.

Here’s a link to a great recipe we made for the first time last summer.  Hana and I were just talking about it yesterday and now I can’t wait to make it again.  These were the tasty things EVER and now is the time to get zucchini super cheap (maybe you even have some growing in your garden??)
Zucchini Boat Pizzas


Where to get this amazing stuff?  Most natural food stores will carry it, or you can head over here to your “local Amazon” and have it shipped straight to you.

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