Pink Pepper essential oil to the rescue

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Pink Pepper is a versatile essential oil that Spoonies need to take note of

One of the latest additions to my daily routine is a new oil from doTERRA, Pink Pepper.  Learning to manage chronic issues is a job that’s never done. I’m constantly learning new information. Studying about Pink Pepper has been fascinating, and I’m excited to see how it helps me over time.

Pink Pepper is actually related to the cashew tree and it’s a beautiful tree. Some info from doterra.com: “doTERRA Pink Pepper oil is wild-harvested from two different countries: Kenya and Peru. The molle or pink peppercorn tree is indigenous to Peru, but British colonialists also brought the trees with them to Kenya. For both countries, the farmers and harvesters are excited about the new increased economic opportunity that Pink Pepper oil represents.

The harvesting process can be highly labor-intensive because once they are picked, the berries must be distilled the same day to preserve their oil content. When the berries turn from green to pink, the picking process begins. Pink peppercorn trees can be very large; harvesters often have to climb the branches to pick off the berries, or shake them so that they fall to the ground to be collected. From there, berries are cleaned and crushed before going through steam distillation.”

And Pink Pepper is good for just about every inch of the body. We see great benefits by using it internally, from the gastrointentstinal system to the liver, kidney, and cardiovascular system. Pink Pepper contains Limonene, which may help support healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Because of it’s high content of alpha-phellandrene, it’s an amazing oil for supporting healthy immune function as well as inflammatory response — which is what caught my eye at first – but then I learned about how it supports cellular rejuvenation and I really took notice.

Pink Pepper encourages and protects healthy cell cycle and death. For those of us dealing with chronic issues, we not only need something that helps our healthy cells stay that way, but also something that encourages the not-so-healthy ones to be reduces and eliminated. Using this oil on a regular basis supports that cellular health and over time can help our overall health and wellness. I’ve added this to my sublingual routine every morning (Frankincense, Copaiba, and now Pink Pepper).

Not only is it great internally, it supports our circulatory system when used topically. It’s a great addition to massage blends like Aromatouch to help with that pins-and-needles feeling. 

I don’t want to leave out its aromatic benefits either. Brain Fog is a part of a spoonie’s life, right? From illness and/or medication, some times the mental fatigue is overwhelming. I’ve been diffusing this with Green Mandarin and Cypress, and it’s a lovely scent that helps me stay on task.

Okay, so that’s a really brief overview of this incredible new oil. Got questions, or want more info? Let’s chat. I’d love to help you develop your own wellness routine.

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