One easy way to start detoxing your home.

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detox your home with this simple swap

Have you ever used a plug-in, candle or similar to fill your home with a nice scent?

Most of us don’t think twice about using a chemical air freshener. We plug it in and enjoy “Hawiian  Breeze,” “Autumn Spice,” “Clean Linen” thinking it’s a great way to fill the air with a pleasant scent. What we don’t realize  is that they can contain ingredients that can harm us, our kids, our pets, even unborn babes. Exposure can result in breathing problems, allergies, hormonal imbalances. Yikes!

Chemicals like phthalates or formaldehyde, among others, are often present – which can be harmful in even small amounts. Because we don’t have an immediate reaction, we don’t realize what can be going on beneath the surface. Phthalates, for. example, have been shown to trigger lupus in mice.  It has also been linked to endometriosis. And that is just a couple examples out of many.  Many of our autoimmune conditions are negatively impacted by ingredients in these air “fresheners.”

Companies are “self-regulated”

Most people assume that these products are required to be tested before they go on the market, but unfortunately that is not the case. The industry isn’t regulated at all. Chemical companies don’t need any type of permission or complete any testing before they can sell their product.

I’m definitely not one to instill fear in people, but there’s such an easy fix to this. One that is #1 good for our health and #2 extremely cost effective. Not a bad combo, right?

I use essential oils in a diffuser instead of candles, plugins or the like. It takes just a a few drops and can not  only make your home smell divine, it supports your health and well-being – both physically and emotionally.

For example, I love diffusing the blend Citrus Bliss. It’s $15 wholesale, and I can use it in my diffuser over FORTY times.   It’s a great blend of  Wild Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit, Mandarin, Bergamot, Tangerine, and Clementine with a just hint of Vanilla.  It cleanses and purifies the air, reduces stress and uplifts mood, and is energizing and refreshing.  Sounds a lot better than breathing problems, right?

And how about this – when I am congested and need some respiratory support, I can pull out my bottle of Breathe and add a few drops of that to help breathe easier.  And it smells great too, especially with a drop or two of Lime with it.

Days when the brain fog is thick, I can put some peppermint in and it helps me focus.  If we’re under the weather, I have options for that too. 

Detoxifying our homes is important; utilizing a diffuser and oils is a great way to ditch the artificial air fresheners and make your home a bit healthier. Over the next few weeks, we’ll look at a few other easy steps to detox your home.

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