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My Daily Routine

“So what does your daily routine look like?”

I’m asked ALL THE TIME what has changed for me, what I do to feel more on top things – what EXACTLY is my daily oil & supplement routine. Well, it changes periodically because my body’s needs change. But here’s the foundation.

A true game changer for me has been the LifeLong Vitality Supplements.  This trio of supplements gives me a solid nutritional base – and then some.  Let’s look at the three components:

Microplex VMz – Trying to get the RDIs of all 26 essential vitamins, minerals, and trace elements (micronutrients) from foods alone is next to impossible, even if you eat a wholesome, balanced diet. But multi-vitamins are a dime a dozen out there, right?  What makes these different? “One of the primary issues with nutritional supplements is bioavailability—the fraction of the ingested amount that is absorbed and reaches systematic circulation. Microplex VMz includes a patented glycoprotein matrix, which introduces the food-derived vitamins and minerals to a culture of yeast or lactobacillus so that it is more recognized in the digestive process. The vitamins and minerals contained in Microplex VMz are efficiently used within the body, instead of being excreted through the urine”

xEOmega – We generally fall short in our consumption of Omega 3 Fatty Acids – and yet they are crucial for brain development, muscle activity, immune function, joint health, and more. One serving of xEO Mega® provides 900 milligrams of pure, micro-filtered marine lipids with 300 mg of EPA, 300 mg of DHA, and 70 mg of other omega- 3s. Added to this is 200 mg of plant-based, omega-3 rich, Echium seed oil, along with 50 mg of pomegranate seed oil.

What makes this supplement unique is the addition of essential oils, according to doTERRA,” that work in harmony with the omega-3 fatty acids in xEO Mega. Clove oil and the constituent thymol in Thyme oil are powerful antioxidants that work to enhance the overall efficacy of xEO Mega by delivering protection against oxidation.* The essential oil blend also supports healthy cellular response to oxidative stress and healthy immune function and has digestive calming effects,* which makes taking xEO Mega as pleasant as it is healthful. The essential oils in xEO Mega also function as a natural preservative system that protects the omega-3 fatty acids and lipid-soluble vitamins from oxidizing and going rancid.”

Alpha CRS – Antioxidants are extremely important to reduce and remove oxidative stress in  our bodies.  Think about  the rusty old tin man from The Wizard of Oz.  The rust is the oxidative stress.

Check out what doTERRA has to say about Alpha CRS: “Antioxidants are one of the most popular nutritional supplements, but Alpha CRS+ Cellular Vitality Complex offers a proprietary combination of natural botanical extracts that make it unique. Alpha CRS+ contains doTERRA’s proprietary antioxidant cellular longevity blend, which includes potent doses of powerful polyphenols—including baicalin from scutellaria root, resveratrol from polygonum cuspidatum, pomegranate fruit extract, proanthocyanidins from grape seeds, curcumin from turmeric root, and silymarin from milk thistle—that support healthy cell function.

Other ingredients contained in Alpha CRS+ support various body systems and work through specific channels to support overall wellness.* A standardized extract of Boswellia serrata for boswellic acid supports healthy inflammatory response in cells.* A Gingko biloba extract is included to support mental clarity and function.* Alpha CRS+ also naturally supports cellular energy through the inclusion of coenzyme Q10, quercetin, alpha-lipoic acid, and acetyl-l-carnitine.* With these ingredients, Alpha CRS+ is truly the most comprehensive antioxidant supplement on the market.”

I also add these two supplements to help with things that are specific to my issues.

PB Assist – Taking care of our gut may not seem all that relevant if you’re not dealing with a digestive issue — HOWEVER – the bulk of our immune system is based in the gut making gut health highly relevant for those with autoimmune conditions in particular.

According to doTERRA, “There are many ways intestinal microflora can be compromised or even killed. Stress, physical exertion, toxins in our diet, exposure to harmful microorganisms, and other factors can pose significant challenges to the colonization and function of friendly microorganism in the gut. Healthy intestinal microflora is also challenged in people whose diets consist of high levels of animal fats and proteins and are low in fiber. Furthermore, studies have shown a steady decline in friendly intestinal flora in both men and women as they age. When intestinal microflora is compromised, the digestive and immune systems function sub-optimally. To help maintain a healthy microflora balance, supplemental strains of friendly microorganisms, or probiotics, can be used as part of regular dietary supplement program.”

Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex – Everyone loves Deep Blue Rub for topical use, and while this is part of the Deep Blue family, it’s ingredients are different.  What drew me to it was its foundation: “extracts of Indian frankincense, turmeric, and ginger. Alone, these extracts are recognized for their soothing benefits; together they provide soothing support throughout the entire body. Boswellia serrata extract (frankincense) has been clinically studied to promote healthy mobility and function, and can provide soothing support throughout the entire body”

And while I use many different oils throughout the day, there are a few that I use every day without fail, and that is Frankincense, Turmeric, and Copaiba.

Frankincense – is a complex essential oil that is good for like a million different things.  I find it helps me deal with brain fog and increases my energy levels.  It also helps with immune system balancing and works to support joint & muscle health.

Turmeric – this powerhouse oil is amazing at supporting a healthy inflammatory response as well a healthy nervous system, and cellular function. Turmeric gives your body antioxidant support, protecting your body from free radical damage. It may also support healthy immune function as well as immune response (hello my autoimmune friends)

Copaiba –  is one of my favorite oils. Supporting a healthy immune system, soothing discomfort, and helping with overall health and wellbeing, it’s an oil that is a favorite of mine.   While my daily use is internally, I also find it beneficial topically as needed to help with grumpy joints.

The actual routine is pretty simple – and one very crucial part:  it is very important to be consistent  with what you do.  Because we deal with chronic issues, we have to be extra meeting the needs of our bodies.  And it takes time to make up for long time deficits.  I recommend if you are starting this regimen that you give it a minimum of 60 days before you decide it’s not for you.  (And of course, check with your doctor if you have an concerns with how this will work with your existing wellness routine)

Morning: 2 each Microplex, xEOmega, and AlphaCRS, one Deep Blue Polyphenol, Frankincense, Turmeric, Yarrow Pom, and Pink Pepper in a veggie cap. Copaiba in my coffee. (You can also use the Frank & Copaiba sublingually. That’s actually how I started using it)

Evening  (you could also do this at midday): 2 each Microplex, xEOmega, and AlphaCRS, one PB Assist

It’s as simple as that.  Yes, we have lots of other options if you are in need of something a little different – because indeed, everyone is unique.  I’m happy to give you some suggestions of alternatives .  For me personally, this is the ticket.  Yes, I have a diet I follow, and hydration is oh-so-important (as is getting exercise — keep it moving!)

If you’d like to get all the items in my daily routine, I’ve put them together in a set you can order HERE. It includes a 25% discount on all oils/products from doTERRA for a year, access to my private education and support PLUS a value-packed welcome gift with tools to make it simple for you to get started.


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