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Here’s a fab option that gives you 3 oils with HUNDREDS of uses, tons of bonuses and gets you on the path to wellness right now! 
(scroll down a bit to see some examples of the uses for these 3 oils – and there are MANY more uses not listed)

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5mL bottles of the TOP THREE oils:
Lemon, Lavender & Peppermint

Introductory book

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Plus my special welcome gift with loads of bonuses to make starting your adventure as easy as possible 


 Morning Boost – Put Peppermint on your temples after you wake up for a morning energy boost.

Shoulder Tension – Massage Peppermint into neck and shoulders to relieve feelings of stress or tension. (works on any muscle tension)

Easy Breathing – Use Peppermint topically on chest prior to exercise to promote clear airways and easy breathing.

Healthy Scalp – Add a few drops of Peppermint to shampoo or conditioner to promote healthy hair & scalp.

Tummy Upside Down? Add a drop or two of Peppermint to warm water and raw honey to settle stomach upsets.

Instant A/C – Add a few drops of Peppermint oil to a spray bottle of water for instant air conditioning (perfect for hot summer days at the beach!)

Brain Feeling Foggy? Has brain fog set in? Aromatic use of Peppermint has been known to improve blood circulation and awareness, leaving you energized and clear headed. 



 Relaxing Bath – Combine 1 cup Epsom salt, ½ cup Baking Soda, 8-10 drops Lavender oil and add to warm bath. Encourages restful sleep.

Pamper your Skin – Use Lavender oil to soothe skin irritations such as burns, bites, and scrapes. Use neat (straight) or add to carrier oil or lotion (It also reduces appearance of skin imperfections).

Winter chapped hands – Lavender oil is wonderful for itching and dryness caused by dry, cold winter conditions. Add a few drops to unscented lotion and rub into the chapped areas of fingers and hands.

Restful Sleep – diffuse at night for a good night’s sleep

Comfort for Kiddos – Place a few drops of Lavender on a child’s stuffed animal or pillow to help comfort them at night and to build comforting memories.

Soothe bruised areas – Gently rub a few drops of Lavender oil around and on sore, bruised areas to promote blood flow and relief for the tenderness.

Repel insects and moths – Place a few drops of Lavender oil on a cotton ball for closets and linen drawers to ward off insects and moths.



 Jump Start your Day – Start your day with a mug of warm water, a few drops of Lemon oil, a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, and a little raw honey. This gets your metabolism going and act as a gentle detox for your body.

Seasonal Sniffles? Combine equal parts Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint in a roller, in the diffuser, or in a veggie cap to deal with seasonal issues.

Throat Soother – Add a drop of Lemon to a spoonful of honey to soothe a scratchy throat.

I Can Breath Now Diffuser Blend: Place 1 drop each Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary essential oil and 2 drops peppermint essential oil in your favorite diffuser

Your gum is where? Use Lemon oil to get chewing gum out of hair. Just put a couple of drops on a cotton ball and rubbed it in the hair. It will come right out..

All Purpose Disinfecting Spray: In a 16 oz. spray bottle place 1/4 cup white vinegar, 1 3/4 cups water, and 20 drops Lemon essential oil. Shake before use.

Have a few questions and want to chat before you buy?

Schedule a no obligation 30 minute call with Sally to get your questions answered and to see if working with her is a good fit for you!

Sally Farrington, chronically amazing

Why work with me? 

I’ve been dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2010, and I’ve discovered so many ways to soothe symptoms and improve my overall wellbeing using essential oils. I understand what it’s like to have a chronic illness, so you’ll get specialized support and understanding from me! We’ll conquer your issues TOGETHER!  I started ChronicallyAmazing to help other warriors like me live healthier, more active lives. I hope you’ll join my warrior friends and me on this crazy oil adventure!

~Sally 💜💜💜

Why do people like to work with Sally?

sandee M

Sandee M.

For the past 7 years I have been suffering with a combination of chronic illnesses I've dealt with discomfort in my hands, ankles and hips for the past couple of years to the point where I couldn't even take my dog for a walk. I was unable to do things that I used to enjoy. One day in my research online I came across the this blog about using essential oils and helping to support my health. I decided what is it going to hurt trying these, the worse I was out $100. So I order the Longlife Vitality Pack with the Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex and Deep Blue Rub as well as some other oils to try and make my house smell better. Within the first two weeks I was starting to feel like my old self. I have my days back, no more lost days. I am able to cut the grass, walk the dog, go out with friends and not have to worry about how bad I am going to feel the next day.

Becky P

Becky P

I have enjoyed having the opportunity to learn in my oil journey through the mentorship of Sally Farrington. When I have a question or idea, she is right there to help with the implemetation of ideas and answers to any questions that may arise. She has been and continues to be the person that I turn too when I need that extra help. Sally does a lot of research and reading to make sure she is at the top of her game in helping her community. And for that I am very grateful!

Connie N

Connie N

August 2015, Finally feeling some hope by meeting Sally, I was so ready to try anything to help me deal with my chronic issues. I am currently a user and sharer of doTERRA oils and products. Living with pain and UC for years, I needed to find a healthier way to get relief without another prescription for pharmaceuticals which side effects were just as awful as the issues I had been living with. Numerous medications have been discontinued since beginning my Essential oil usage. I did this along with my Doctors advice and support. Slowly making healthier choices everyday to live a more balanced lifestyle. I now turn to my natural alternative doTERRA Essential Oils first. Sharing samples with anyone who feels willing to give the oils a try is the best feeling. I know they work for me and my family.


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