Healthy Hair with Rosemary Essential Oil

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Want healthy, shiny hair again?

rosemary hair and scalp oil

Many people with chronic issues struggle to have healthy hair and skin.  I can be from the meds we take or the struggle of eating right or the disease itself. Obviously addressing the nutritional side is important, but I have a few other tricks up my sleeve to help as well.  And one involves Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil is a pro at helping with healthy scalp & hair.  Rosemary is known to invigorate the scalp, stimulate hair growth, and soothe itchy skin. This oil supports the circulatory and nervous system – and promotes a healthy inflammatory response.  When it is massaged into the scalp it can help encourage healthy hair growth by keeping hair follicles healthy.

Some claim that Rosemary oil can work to slow the greying of hair as we get older. My grey blends well with my natural hair color, so I haven’t really paid too much attention to this, but I’d love to hear what you think.

And while it’s great for the sacalp, Rosemary essential oil can also help to dry or brittle strengthen hair and help to decrease the loss of hair when you’re shampooing, conditioning, drying, or styling it.

Here’s a super easy DIY for you to take advantage of Rosemary’s amazing qualities:

DIY Rosemary Hair & Scalp Oil

DIY Rosemary Hair oil

In a 15mL bottle (great use for your empty essential oil bottles) add 10-15 drops of Rosemary essential  oil to the bottle and fill with avocado or olive oil.

Sit bottle in a cup of warm water for 2-3 minutes. Use about 1-2 teaspoons depending on hair length. Massage into scalp and down through the ends of the hair. Cover head with a towel or plastic bag . Let sit for thirty minutes to an hour.  Shampoo and rinse.

Should you choose avocado or olive?

Avocado oil (my preference) is an efficient moisturizer for dry, brittle, damaged hair. Packed with healthy hair vitamins and proteins, it helps protect the scalp and feed your hair follicles. The amino acids promote healthy cell growth on the scalp. The fatty acids help  hair feel soft and shiny.

Olive oil makes hair soft and more manageable. It’s long shelf life makes it a practical choice (and it’s easy to find), but it can be too much for fine, straight and limp hair.

Not only is this Rosemary Hair & Scalp Oil a great way to take care of yourself, it also can make a great gift.  You can adjust the recipe to larger containers and include with some bath bombs, lotions, or other wonderful self care items.

rosemary hair and scalp oil

(OH – and Rosemary has a side benefit – it supports healthy brain function and has been known to improve memory.  Who doesn’t need that?)

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