Frankincense and Autoimmune Health

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So Frankincense.  I sing its praises in my classes all the time because it really is that amazing.

frankincenseBut, like everyone else, I can get really lazy at times.  I mean using a drop of frankincense under my tongue everyday is hard work. (please note the sarcasm)

Lately I’ve been a bit more fatigued and flare-y. and I chalked it up to being extremely busy with traveling for Diamond Club, but I realized the other day that I have been quite irregular in using my daily Frank.  I’ve refocused and got my morning routine adjusted and refocused. And guess what?  I was in Step class Monday morning and quite honestly I’ve been dragging in class the past few weeks.  And this week I actually felt like I could stay on track and finish the class.  Even with flare-y jetlagged joints.

So why Frank?

In ancient cultures Frankincense resin was used for wound healing, hormonal issues, arthritis,  for purifying rooms AND it was said to bring about overall good health.  So they had it all together when Frankie was concerned……

I love that Frankincense is good for so many different things – like supporting healthy cellular function (it not only promotes regeneration  healthy cells, but also helps keep existing cell tissue healthy.  This means this little gem helps with healthy skin, keeps our brain thinking and the fog out – it literally  supports every system in our body.

For us spoonie type people dealing with autoimmune conditions have the potential to fall completely in love with frankincense. Many autoimmune diseases are mediated by T cells and, presumably mediated by self-reactive T cells. Frankincense can help our Tcells function better.   It helps our immune system be more balanced and functioning correctly…..or at least maybe help not be quite so over the top.

And with RA, I’m certainly a fan of anything that promotes a healthy inflammatory response.  I know you get me on that.

If you’re not a big fan of using sublingually you can use a drop in a veggie cap, or a roller diluted with a carrier oil and rolled on your feet or back of neck everyday.  Frankie also works its magic in the diffuser too helping boost mood, settle emotions, and improve focus. I love the flexibility we have when we use oils!

I’d love to chat with you about how you can incorporate Frankincense into your daily health habits (and I have a special gift for those who do a wellness consult with me,  I .know you are like so many people I’ve talked to: ready for some simple ways to improve your health & wellness Let’s talk.

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