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EssentiallyAmazing Episode 5: Prime Meridian, A New Model for Healthcare

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essentially amazing

Prime Meridian – a whole new way to look at healthcare

🌟doTERRA has a vison to change the way we deal with health and wellness in the U.S. And that vision is becoming reality with the Prime Meridian health clinics.

Prime Meridian takes traditional/allopathic medicine and combine it with holistic/natural methods all while taking the time to get to know YOU. Picture a reasonable monthly fee that covers all your visits to the clinic, a board-certified physician who really knows you, tele-medicine access, and recommendations of ways to incorporate oils and supplements into your healthcare. Learn more here.

Today we chat with Lori Weaver of Coffee&Oils and learn about her experiences at the Nashville Prime Meridian clinic.

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👉🏻We’ll help get all your Prime Meridian questions answered as well as your essential oil needs taken care of 💜

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