DIY Toilet Fizzy

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toilet fizzy

TGI-DIY! Nothing say Friday like Toilet Fizzy….

yeah. maybe not. LOL.
But since we’re still Spring Cleaning around here, here’s another great cleaning DIY

Toilet Fizzy

toilet fizzyMake one of our least favorite jobs a little easier with these simple “bath bombs for the pot” A huge plus is that it’s made with safe, non-toxic ingredients that won’t add to any of our health issues. 

Once their done, they are super simple to use:
Drop in, let fizz, then brush/clean. We chose melaleuca (tea tree) for this because it’s great at making sure surfaces are clean

This took me less than 10 minutes from start to finish. Keeping a few basic ingredients on hand makes it quick to do these projects.

Toilet Fizzy Recipe

1 cup baking soda
1/4 cup citric acid
15-20 drops Melaleuca
witch hazel (in spray bottle)

Combine first three ingredients, then spray small amounts of witch hazel and combine until ingredients stick together (use as little liquid as possible)toilet fizzy
Press into molds. These silicone molds make it easy to remove when dry.
I was able to make 9 fizzies with this recipe and the overall cost was around $2.00 (so they’re about .22 per use, I’d say that was economical!)

If you’re not using oils yet, here’s a great set that has Melaleuca plus 7 other oils that have hundreds of uses!  Want to learn some more about what it can do AND how I can help you? Check this out.

What are your favorite DIY Cleaning recipes?

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