Turmeric Essential Oil Benefits

Turmeric Essential Oil is amazing stuff I hope you all caught our recent EssentiallyAmazing broadcast on Turmeric over on Facebook or Youtube.  I’m amazed by this oil and felt like it deserved a bit more time in the spotlight  The benefits of turmeric root are extensive, many find benefits particularly in these constituents in the Read More

DIY Toilet Fizzy

TGI-DIY! Nothing say Friday like Toilet Fizzy…. yeah. maybe not. LOL. But since we’re still Spring Cleaning around here, here’s another great cleaning DIY Toilet Fizzy Make one of our least favorite jobs a little easier with these simple “bath bombs for the pot” A huge plus is that it’s made with safe, non-toxic ingredients Read More

DIY Soft Scrub

What does EWG say about commercial soft scrub? Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleanser for Bath and Kitchen, Mountain Breeze “The active ingredient in this general purpose cleaner is sodium hypochlorite, which is extremely toxic to aquatic life. It’s also a potential asthmagen and can cause other respiratory effects. And, the fragrance that makes up that Read More

Beating the Winter Blahs

The winter blahs. Admit it, even you are one of those rare winter-loving spoonies, you’ve been hit by the winter blahs at one time or another. It ca effect our energy, focus and mood and put our hormone levels all out of balance. Dealing with RA is enough – I don’t need the winter months Read More

Nutrition and our immune system

Does our nutrition really matter? There is so much sickness going around these days. And for those of us with chronic illnesses, it can be difficult to navigate the best ways for us to take care of ourselves.  Our immune systems need balancing, not boosting. I know I don’t want to be hit with any Read More

Air Fresheners and Chronic Illness

Here’s a couple things about air fresheners you should know if you have a Chronic Illness. We all want our homes smelling fresh and clean, and no matter what scent you want, you can find it in an air freshener! Especially this time of year crisp apple, pumpkin spice, or relaxing autumn all sound wonderful. Read More

DIY Deodorant Creme with Litsea Essential Oil

Most of us have heard about the harsh and potentially dangerous ingredients in antiperspirants. But it can be a real  hassle to find a deodorant that is effective enough, especially if you deal with excessive perspiration. My youngest has an issue called hypohydrosis, which essentially means she sweats A LOT. And as a teen girl, Read More