Air Fresheners and Chronic Illness

Here’s a couple things about air fresheners you should know if you have a Chronic Illness. We all want our homes smelling fresh and clean, and no matter what scent you want, you can find it in an air freshener! Especially this time of year crisp apple, pumpkin spice, or relaxing autumn all sound wonderful. Read More

DIY Deodorant Creme with Litsea Essential Oil

Most of us have heard about the harsh and potentially dangerous ingredients in antiperspirants. But it can be a real  hassle to find a deodorant that is effective enough, especially if you deal with excessive perspiration. My youngest has an issue called hypohydrosis, which essentially means she sweats A LOT. And as a teen girl, Read More

DIY Hair Serum

Ready to add some shine and pizazz to your hair? I love my hair serum from doTERRA. However….I neglected to order some this month and my bottle is on E so I set out to make my own. I  read a bunch of articles about oils that are good for hair and what good carriers Read More

DIY Make up Remover Wipes

Make up remover wipes certainly are convenient but we pay for that convenience. Most make up remover wipes contain ingredients we don’t need to be putting on our skin.  And as spoonies, we especially need to reduce the harsh chemicals we are exposed to.  Our bodies certainly don’t need any help malfuntioning… Makeup removers wipes, Read More

Best Natural After-Sun Care

We all need after-sun care for our skin after a day in the sun Sometimes you sunscreen and take precautions and still end up with a little too much sun.  Many of the meds we take can make us more sensitive to the sun, so it’s important to have some safe ways to get relief. Read More

One easy way to start detoxing your home.

Have you ever used a plug-in, candle or similar to fill your home with a nice scent? Most of us don’t think twice about using a chemical air freshener. We plug it in and enjoy “Hawiian  Breeze,” “Autumn Spice,” “Clean Linen” thinking it’s a great way to fill the air with a pleasant scent. What Read More

Boost your energy with citrus essential oils

Most people I meet are looking for ways to increase their energy. I bet we’ve all looked at littles running around and said, “I wish I had their energy.” Add in chronic illness, and you’ve probably got a huge energy deficit to fill. Sugar and caffeine are poor choices – we may feel good for Read More

We hear reminders all the time about using sunscreen.  Good or Bad Advice? Recently the middle and youngest dear daughter took off on an adventure day to the beach.  I love that we live close enough to the beach that spur of the moment trips are possible.  Well, they just grabbed some sunscreen at the Read More