Boost Energy with these quick energy bites

Looking for an energy boost? Try these energy bite recipes Eliminating processed foods from our diets is a critical part of any spoonie’s wellness plan. Artificial colors and flavorings along with overly processed foods like sugar and corn syrup are inflammatory in nature and add stress into our already stressed system. But admittedly there are times Read More

Air Fresheners and Chronic Illness

Here’s a couple things about air fresheners you should know if you have a Chronic Illness. We all want our homes smelling fresh and clean, and no matter what scent you want, you can find it in an air freshener! Especially this time of year crisp apple, pumpkin spice, or relaxing autumn all sound wonderful. Read More

5 Benefits of Golden Milk & Turmeric Essential Oil

Golden Milk is a delicious way too improve your overall wellbeing A traditional Indian drink, golden milk (sometimes called turmeric milk), is an infusion of turmeric  and other spices in milk. It has some very specific health benefits but is also an excellent general health tonic. (and it’s pretty darn tasty too) Let me show Read More

Pink Pepper essential oil to the rescue

Pink Pepper is a versatile essential oil that Spoonies need to take note of One of the latest additions to my daily routine is a new oil from doTERRA, Pink Pepper.  Learning to manage chronic issues is a job that’s never done. I’m constantly learning new information. Studying about Pink Pepper has been fascinating, and Read More

What is Bulletproof coffee???

Bulletproof Coffee, the best thing since sliced bread I find myself looking forward to getting up in the morning just for this cup of coffee. So if you’re scratching your head and wondering what in the world bulletproof coffee is, well, get ready! So at first I thought this sounded a bit crazy, but it’s Read More

A new way to look at fat – my Keto journey

We’ve been hearing  “eat low fat” for how many years? It’s so etched  in my brain, that even though I’ve learned that the opposite is true, I still struggle against it. We can fuel out bodies with carbs or we can fuel them with fat. What’s the difference? Our bodies process calories from fat, carbs, Read More

Best Natural After-Sun Care

We all need after-sun care for our skin after a day in the sun Sometimes you sunscreen and take precautions and still end up with a little too much sun.  Many of the meds we take can make us more sensitive to the sun, so it’s important to have some safe ways to get relief. Read More