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Calendula Salve

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calendula salve

Amp up your all-purpose salve with Calendula

I’ve made basic salves for years – you just need a couple of different oils/fats, some beeswax, a few essentials oils, and violá, salve. But I have started experimenting with using different herb infused oils to add some extra fire power to my salves.

We use salves for so many different things around here – from skin issues to joints and muscles. It’s good to have something versatile that can be used for a bunch of different things because it keeps life simple. And goodness knows I need life as simple as possible. Don’t you? Spoonie life is complicated enough.

calendulaI picked calendula to begin this herbal adventure; it’s a beautiful orange flower of marigold that is native to southwestern Asia, western Europe and the Mediterranean. It has MANY health & wellness benefits, here are just a few:

Calendula supports a healthy inflammatory response via powerful flavonoids that protect cells from free radical damage and other pro-inflammatory compounds like C-reactive protein and cytokines

Calendula can help soothe and relax muscle spasms. 

The acids held within the oils of this plant have powerful soothing effects that are known to help assist as skin recovers from distress.

Choosing essential oils

I chose oils to go with the calendula that are also very versatile to make this a true all purpose salve. You can change up the oils based on what you need the salve for, just stick with around 30-40 total drops of oil. 

Eucalyptus is great for respiratory support as well as soothing joints & muscles

Tea Tree (Melaleuca) shines in the skin department. Use it on dry or irritated skin.

Clove is warming, high in anti-oxidants and also supports kin health. I love to use it to help my joints & muscles get moving.

Petitgrain is calming, making it great for massage or soothing skin.

Calendula Salvecalendula salve 

3/4 cup of infused calendula grapeseed oil (see instructions below)
1/4 cup of coconut oil
3 tablespoon of Beeswax* (or candelilla oil for vegans)
10 drops eucalyptus essential oil
15 drops melaleuca(tea tree) essential oil
5 drops clove bud essential oil
10 drops petitgrain or lavender essential oil.


Melt beeswax and oils in a double boiler on very low heat.

Once melted take it off the heat and add essential oils, mix well.

Pour the mixture immediately into containers. I love these tins from Amazon* We filled about 10 2oz tins .

How to infuse oil with calendula :

The “I didn’t plan ahead” method using a crockpot/heat. This is me. 

calendula salve1) Fill a mason jar about half full with dried calendula*

2) Cover the dried flowers with sunflower, grapeseed, or jojoba oil and close with a cap. Ensure there is space for air at the top when the jar is closed.

3) Fill the crockpot with water and place a small towel at the bottom, then place the glass jar filled with oil and calendula on top of the towel. The glass jar should be almost immerse in water except the top.

4) Heat the crockpot for 6 hours at a low temperature (between 100 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit) for six hours or until the oil takes on the color and scent of the calendula. Turn off heat allow to cool.

5) Strain out the calendula flowers using a cheese cloth.

(you can also use the stove top on extremely low heat, just keep an eye on it)

The “Patient” method for those who plan ahead. This is not me. 

1) Fill a mason jar about half full with dried calendula*

2) Allow to sit for 14-20 days until the oil takes on the color and scent of the calendula.

3) Strain out the calendula flowers using a cheese cloth.

If you’d like to get all the oils to make this salve, you can save by getting a wholesale customer account (plus you get loads of extra benefits: discounts, supports, welcome gifts, and more). Follow this link to order. If you’d like to talk a bit about other options, hit me up.

*Amazon Affiliate links

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