Be ready for just about ANYTHING with these essential oils

AND learn how to get the most out of them

What would you say if I told you there were HUNDREDS of uses for this set?

Are you interested in better sleep, feeling less stressed, having a
KICK BUTT immune system, beautiful skin, more energy,
increased focus…plus a whole lot more

Keep reading and you’ll learn how these oils can EMPOWER you,
help you save time, money, AND feel great!

aromatouch diffused

What can oils do anyway?

aromatouch diffused

Essential oils work with the body to address issues & root causes on a cellular level. Think safe benefits without side effects & pennies per dose: One drop of peppermint = 28 cups of peppermint tea!

Wonder how oils can benefit your autoimmune issues?

You can use them:

  • AROMATICALLY to open airways, boost mood, improve sleep
  • TOPICALLY to soothe muscles, skin, or the occasional headace
  • INTERNALLY for overall cellular support, increase energy, detoxing

What do I get exactly?


This set comes with 8 5mL oils: Balance, Lavender, OnGuard, Tea Tree, Deep Blue, Aromatouch, Peppermint, and Wild Orange. Don’t worry, we’ll help with how to use them–keep reading!!


doTERRA has incredible oils and natural products. You’ll enjoy a 25% discount for a year AND have the opportunity to save up to another 30% with their optional monthly wellness box option.


You’ll get a Petal Diffuser. It’s my go to for bedroom, office, travels, and more. It runs for 1, 2 or 4 hours, uses just a few drops of oil and will become your best friend.


We also hook you up with some tools to get you started so that it’s easy for you to open up those bottles of oil and get to oiling.


When we use oils topically we always dilute them with a neutral oil. Your set has a bottle of fractionated coconut oil (FCO) It’s just a fancy way to say some of the fats are removed so it stays liquid even when it’s cold outside.


Don’t worry. We won’t abandon you to figure things out on your own. You’ll get one on one support along with access to the exclusive OilAdventure group on Facebook,  my very active & oh-so-amazing oil community 

"You said HUNDREDS of uses though... I'm still not sure I believe it"

well, here are a few examples:



jack of all trades

Brain Fog Buster
1 drop in palm of your hand and inhale deeply to clear your head
Breathe Easy
Dilute & massage onto chest for respiratory help & support
Cool as a Cucumber
Add a couple drops to a spray bottle of water for instant AC 

wild orange

Wild Orange

Citrus powerhouse

Mood Booster
Add 3 drops Wild Orange and 3 drops Balance to diffuser
Tummy Troubles
Dilute and massage on abdomen to soothe the stomach
Hydration Station
Add 2 drops to glass or metal water bottle for gentle detox & more energy



all things calming

Sleep Support
Add to diffuser or dilute and massage to bottom of feet at bedtime
Skin Soother
Bites, burns, scrapes, you name it. Add to coconut oil and you’ll be amazed.
Stress Management
Add 5 drops each Lavender & Balance to a roller bottle & top with FCO

deep blue

Deep Blue

soothing blend

Oh I Overdid It
Dilute & massage onto joints or muscles for soothing relief
Feeling Tense?
Dilute & massage onto tense muscles and relax 
Going to be on your feet?
Massage them in the morning to stay on your feet longer

on guard

On Guard

protective blend

Immune Support
Add 10-12 drops in a 10mL roller and apply to bottoms of feet daily.
Scratchy Throat
1 drop in a spoonful of raw honey soothes & tastes amazing
Clean Air
Diffuse 5-6 drops to keep crud from spreading from person to person



grounding blend

Feeling Overwhelmed
You can simply open the bottle and breathe deeply.
Hormone Support
Daily application on bottom of feet and over heart balance things out
Road Rage?
Diffuse while driving to help stay calm and focused 

tea tree

Tea Tree


Zit Zapper
Dab directly on blemish for
clear skin fast
Immune helper
Add to OnGuard when you need reinforcements to the immune squad
Itchy Scalp
Add several drops to shampoo or add to vinegar for a rinse



massage blend

Best Massage Ever
Add 1-2 drops to massage oil to relax & soothe joints and muscles
Luxurious Bath
Add 5-6 drops to 1 cup Epsom salts and enjoy a long soak
Pins & Needles?
Add a couple drops to FCO and massage area of concern

petal diffuser

Petal Diffuser

aromatherapy star

Better Sleep
4 drops Lavender, 3 drops Balance
Improved Focus
4 drops Wild Orange, 2-3 drops Peppermint
Kick Butt Attitude
4 drops Balance 3 drops Wild Orange

The oil adventure

I think I could do this if I had a little help

Sally Farrington

well guess what? 
You get ALL kinds of help. #notalone

Sally Farrington is a Gold Wellness Advocate with doTERRA who offers loads of help & support. You’ll get one-on-one consults, along with access via Messenger or text. Sally will help empower you to live healthier! You’ll love her blog: ChronicallyAmazing

You also get access to The Oil Adventure, a group of nearly 500 advocates from around the world who share, support, and encourage one another daily.

This one-of-a-kind group will knock your socks off.

oil adventure

So what all is included for $150?

First off, you are saving $32 (below wholesale) by getting a set of oils but that isn’t all:

  • 25% discount for an entire year ($35 value)
  • Welcome gifts to help you start oiling (pictured)
  • FREE Wellness Consult/Membership Overview ($50 value)
  • FREE access to exclusive Oil Adventure group on Facebook 
  • Access to optional monthly wellness box program (save up to an additional 30% Average savings over $250)
  • Monthly giveaways 
  • FAB business opportunity for those interested in empowering others to live healthier (priceless!)



Sally Farrington, chronically amazing

 Life has been a crazy roller-coaster ride for Sally Farrington. Married to Dave for over 25 years, they have three beautiful daughters, two amazing son-in-laws, 2 rambunctious grandsons and various fur-children and grandchildren. They love to travel & enjoy family adventures/ shenanigans.

Sally’s been dealing with Rheumatoid Arthritis since 2010 and began learning natural ways of dealing with her overall health and wellness in 2013. doTERRA has been a god-send both for the oils & products as well as providing the means to empower people around the globe to take control of their health. Check out her blog at www.chronicallyamazing.net

Because she loves to learn, she’s now a certified Aromatherapist receiving training registered with the (CMA) Complementary Medical Association and accredited by the (IAHT) International Alliance of Holistic Therapies. 

Contact Sally if you’d like to talk about other starter sets or ways to get started..

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