Life certainly is a twisty-turny journey.

Sally FarringtonI don’t think I ever would have expected to be where I’m at now – I didn’t grow up particularly concerned with health or wellness. In fact, for a long time it wasn’t even on my radar. And as far as fitness….bahaha – I am probably the most uncoordinated person you’ll ever meet. For the most part I avoided exercise and sports like the plague. There was that one time I tried out for my high school soccer team – back in the day when soccer was just gaining popularity. We had what was probably the WORST team in the area, and I couldn’t even make the cut for that. Once I grew up, had kids of my own, I began to take healthy eating and being active more seriously. I even started coaching volleyball when my daughter’s school team needed a coach. But it really wasn’t until I had some health issues that everything really changed.

In 2010, I had a broken wrist that healed badly.Someday let’s pour a glass of wine or two and I’ll tell you all about it. But for now, it’s enough to say it set off a series of events that were nothing short of life altering. Think about not being able to use your dominant hand for nearly a year. Frozen shoulder. Tons of OT and PT (3-5 days a week). And then it triggered Rheumatoid Arthritis. I had no idea what RA was until I had it. And boy did I get a crash course.

Everything I knew about life changed. I was on a pharmacy of meds, feeling miserable. My faith was challenged, I was depressed, discouraged, and becoming hopeless.

A New Beginning

Thanks to some persistent nagging from a good friend, I began to research a more natural way of living. I started learning about how much we can influence our wellness by what we put in (and on) our bodies. I discovered the power of doTERRA essential oils and supplements. I learned about gut health, about the importance of exercise for mind and body.

As a family, we began to change our lifestyle. My health (and attitude) began to improve by leaps and bounds. And I began to share with others the simple things that you can do to make a huge difference in your well-being. Guess what? I exercise, and love it! I started running. We learned a new way to eat – and how as Americans our typical diet is CRAP.

We learned how we can use things like essential oils to better every part of our lives. Yes, I still have flares. And yes, I take allopathic meds too. I am a firm believer in balance and finding the best of both worlds. But through all that, I developed a passion to help people find a healthier way to life – physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Working with others inspires me everyday. The Lord has a way of using every situation for His good doesn’t He?

And now? I’m a Certified Aromatherapist, receiving training registered with the (CMA) Complementary Medical Association and accredited by the (IAHT) International Alliance of Holistic Therapies.

I started blogging to be an inspiration and to help to all of you who are seeking to be healthier, more active, and to live life to its fullest. I hope you’ll join my on my journey and enjoy a peek into my crazy,, essential oil filled, not-acting-old life (I may be a gramma, but I’m determined not to act like it!)

And if you’d like to work with me , I’d be delighted to chat with you. I offer lots of love and support for everyone  who wants to be Chronically Amazing.

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