A new way to look at fat – my Keto journey

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We’ve been hearing  “eat low fat” for how many years?

It’s so etched  in my brain, that even though I’ve learned that the opposite is true, I still struggle against it. We can fuel out bodies with carbs or we can fuel them with fat. What’s the difference? Our bodies process calories from fat, carbs, and protein in different ways.  Currently the Keto diet (or WOE -way of eating) has become popular as we learn more and more about how are body burns fuel.

From MensJournal: “When we eat carbs, they break down into sugar in the blood; that’s true of whole grains, too, though to a lesser extent,” says Jeff Volek, a leading low-carb researcher at Ohio State University. The body responds with the hormone insulin, which converts the extra blood sugar into fatty acids stored in the body fat around our middles. Our blood sugar then falls, and that body fat releases the fatty acids to burn as fuel. But carb-heavy diets keep insulin so high that those fatty acids aren’t released, Volek says. The body continues to shuttle sugar into our fat cells – packing on the pounds – but we never burn it. Dietary fat, meanwhile, is the only macronutrient that has no effect on insulin or blood sugar. “This means it’s likely excessive carbs, not fat, that plump us up,” he adds. Low-carb diets stop that vicious cycle, keeping insulin levels low enough to force the body to burn fat again.”

For those of us dealing with autoimmune issues, the benefits go far beyond weight loss.

According to Dr. Amy Myers: “The ability of the keto diet to reduce inflammation and modulate immune response could make it an effective tool for reversing the symptoms of autoimmunity and moving you back down the autoimmune spectrum. Ketogenic diets also increase glutathione levels, your body’s most powerful detoxifier. People with autoimmunity are notoriously low in glutathione, and I’ve found in both my patients and myself that supplementing with glutathione is extremely beneficial for autoimmunity.”

Now  – just because we say high fat doesn’t mean any old fat — and  by the way, if you do high fat/high carb, well let’s  just say you’ll have high scale. We’re talking GOOD fats – avocado, grass fed beef & other organic meats, free range eggs, nuts & seeds, olives, organic cheeses, grass-fed butter & ghee.  Don’t ever forget: garbage in, garbage out.  We’ve been eating keto for about 3 and a half weeks. AND OF COURSE my husband has lost weight….. I’ve lost a little, and trying to be patient. Some people see drastic loss and others have slower rates, but I have had a reduction in my inflammatory levels and better focus/more energy. We spent 4 days at Universal Studios- something that generally would have taken weeks to recover from, and I felt fine in just a few days!

What happens if you Google “Keto”?

I’m going be going into more detail in the coming days and weeks, but if you google “keto” you’ll get bombarded with info.  So swear by it, some say it is horrible for you.  I joined a group on Facebook and read posts for over a month before I jumped in. It was hearing and seeing so many positive results that helped me decide to try.  We’ve tried some FAB recipes (and some fails) and because of the high fat, you feel full and stay full.  I rarely feel super hungry.  I am thirsty a lot, so my water intake is better (which is also an A+ for your joints)

I’m keeping carb levels extremely low right now (under 20g a day) which isn’t something I plan on doing forever. I’ll gradually increase carbs once I feel like my body has things more under control I plan on adding in more veggies and fruits that are higher in carbs.  Now —  LISTEN — I’m not a doctor and no way of eating is right for 100% of people, so if you have questions, do some research, talk to nutritionists and your doc – be educated and if you give it a try, listen to your body.  You’ll know if it’s right for you.

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