Essential Spotlight: Pink Pepper oil for cellular health

Pink Pepper: It looks like Pepper – but is it?

I’ve been enjoying learning about this new oil that doTERRA released in September.  And get this – while it looks like a peppercorn, it’s actually more closely related to the cashew than to black pepper. Pink Pepper’s aroma is intense and fresh, sweet-spicy with just a hint of floral. In some way sit reminds me of Juniper Berry.

For the science nerds, pink pepper has the highest concentration of α-Phellandrene of any oil, a whopping 15-30%! And for those of you scratching your head and wondering why that matters, let me explain a bit. According to researchgate, α-Phellandrene is exceptional for the immune system,supports a healthy inflammatory response, relieves discomfort, and promotes cellular health. Additionally it is calming to the nervous system. Sounds like something folks with chronic illness would want in their arsenal, right?

So what does this mean for the spoonie community? 

It’s ideal to add to your daily supplement routine because internal use of pink pepper offers many benefits we need. Most of us need to give our immune systems a little assistance. Pink Pepper gives our fighter cells a little tune up and helps them function properly. It also supports the body in apoptosis (yeah, another science term) which simply means it helps get rid of unhealthy cells instead of allowing them to reproduce. And since it’s calming to the nervous system, it will ease and soothe discomfort related to that.

I have just started taking a couple drops internally each day. My three are Frank, Copaiba, and now Pink Pepper. I take them sublingually (under my tongue) but you can easily add to a veggie cap as well. 

Pink Pepper is also effective both topically and aromatically.

If you deal with pins & needles in your arms or legs, add a drop of Pink Pepper to a carrier oil or lotion and use for a massage.  I’m just starting to learn about dry brushing (more on that soon) and read that this is a great oil to use for that as it stimulates and supports the lymphatic system. 

You can add to Deep Blue Rub to really spice up relief for your joints and muscles too.

Pink Pepper also hits it out of the park in the diffuser. Aromatically it’s amazing for alterness and stamina. So fire up your diffuser with one of these blends to stay on task and productive. I know when I’m running low on spoons and feeling fatigued, getting something going in the diffuser is a big help.

Afternoon Wake Up

4 drops Green Mandarin
3 drops Pink Pepper
2 drops Coriander

Perk Up

3 drops Pink Pepper
3 drops Bergamot
2 drops Grapefruit 

Sourcing is one of the things I truly love about doTERRA; they see the big picture. Not only do they bring us the best quality oils I’ve experienced, but they change the lives of the people who grow and harvest the plant material.  Check out the sourcing story on Pink Pepper and get more info on ordering HERE.  

As always, I love talking oils with my spoonie friends, so book your consult today! I can’t wait to chat more with you about pink pepper!

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