Lesson I’ve learned from RA

Things RA has taught me:  Self Care does not mean a day at the spa

If you’re a mom (or any other busy adult), I know you understand how often in life we shove what we need to the bottom of the list.  We’ve all done it – got the new shoes for the kiddo instead of you, maybe you put off doctor or dentist visits when dollars are tight or perhaps grabbing an hour to go to the gym keeps getting moved to the ambiguous “later”.

RA taught me that if I don’t stop and take care of ME I can’t take care of my family.

If I don’t take care of myself, my health will suffer.  And while this is certainly true for every single person out there, it is most especially true if you already have health issues.

I don’t know how I somehow thought everyone else’s needs were more important than mine.  But that’s what it boils down to.  I still struggle with it at times, but I have definitely gotten a million times better about regular self care.

I go to the gym.  The house can be a mess, dishes in the sink, laundry to be done but I leave it.  If I’m not physically active my mobility suffers.  I make sure to balance cardio with strength training and have found yoga to be immensely beneficial for flexibility in my joints.  I have the ability to be more mobile and active because I’m intentional about staying mobile and active.  If this isn’t something you are doing for yourself yet, it’s a great day to start.  Even if it’s just a walk up the street or a handful of simple yoga poses – do it for YOU.

I make regular doctor/dentist appointments.  It’s important that my disease activity is carefully monitored to catch anything that may need addressing quickly.  Somethings will not go away on their own people.  Thankfully with all that I’m doing to support my health naturally, things are going pretty well in this department, but that doesn’t mean I neglect going.

I spend money on the right kinds of foods (which actually benefits the whole household).  I label read like a crazy person and make sure to keep good-for-me foods in the house.  Cutting corners and eating junk increases my inflammatory levels and my discomfort.

I get the supplements and natural products I need.  I was hesitant to add something to our budget for a while.  I felt like they weren’t necessary and I could get by without them.  Well.  Once I finally convinced myself I could just see if they did anything (and I told myself they probably wouldn’t) I was astounded at the difference.  From barely being about to get through part of the day without napping, to running a full time business and traveling – night and day difference.

Investing in myself gave me my life back. So if you are always putting things for yourself off because you don’t think you’re worth it, STOP.  Everything in your world can change if you take the time to take care of YOU. You are valuable.

If you need some help figuring out where to get started, let’s talk.  I love getting people pointed in the right direction and started on the process of feeling great again.

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