4 Simple Steps to Feeling Great Again – Lifestyle changes that STICK

I talk to a lot of people. 
Which is kind of humorous to me since I’m basically an introvert.  But get me going on something I’m passionate about?? Well, that changes everything.

Lately I have been asked a lot of questions about where to start when it comes to incorporating more natural components into a wellness plan.
We’ve all seen the mass rush toward health and fitness on January 1st, only to see most everyone back to their “normal” before the end of February, right?  I think often it comes with trying to do too many things at once, and then we are overwhelmed, and don’t necessarily see all the results we want in a short enough time frame.  Yes, set a big goal, but let’s break that down into more manageable steps so that we can reach smaller goals and let one success build on another.

When I work with private clients, we look at the big picture, and then break it down.  Top priority?  Let’s work to address that first.  Overall wellness is like a puzzle with lots of pieces.  We’ll get the puzzle finished, one piece at a time.

Diet, supplements, exercise? Yes!  Essential oils? Yes!  Western meds?  Sometimes yes as well.  It takes a balanced approach for anyone with a chronic issue to make big, lasting changes.

So what starting point do I recommend for most people?

Here are four suggestions:

1) Start listening to your body.  I have a symptom tracker that helps you look for connections between food, hydration, meds, exercise, etc with how you are feeling.  While you shouldn’t wait to begin making changes, using this tracker for 30 days can give you real insight to trends, sensitivities, as well as what is helping.  You can download the tracker here:  daily_checkin_page

2) Next up is cleaning up your diet.  We have done Whole 30 a few times, and it’s awesome but tough, especially at first. My advice is to pick one or two things at a time to change.  What those are are really going to depend on what your diet is like now.  We can talk one on one to figure it out, but if I had to prioritize: artificial sweeteners top the list, followed by wheat, and then dairy.

3) Now I would add in some exercise.  Again what this exactly looks like is going to vary from person to person, but it can be as simple as parking at the back of the parking lot and walking more each day.  Warm water pools are an incredible place to start, but any water exercise is low impact.  Yoga – you can do this at all different fitness levels and it is SO good for strength and flexibility.  Find something you enjoy and build up gradually.

4) Finally, you know I had to add in an oil recommendation.  Essential oils and supplements are a key part of my wellness routine.  There are loads of different oil options for just about any issue under the sun. Part of what I do is help you discern what the best starting point is for you.

No matter where that is, one of the best way to incorporate these is with a starter set so you have the tools to address lots of things.There are a few oils I feel should be in every home – like Peppermint  (for energy & focus), Lavender (calming, restful sleep), Lemon (detoxifying), Frankincense (cellular health), Deep Blue blend (joint and muscle), and On Guard blend (immune support).And don’t worry, I help you learn how to use them. Using oils can be the perfect answer to help you with having the energy to exercise, or deal with sore muscles afterward.  It can help with an digestive needs when changing your diet, or with working to build a solid foundation to improve your overall wellbeing.

Incorporate changes at a pace that challenges you, yet isn’t so overwhelming you just give up.  And get plugged into some support.  Online, in person, doesn’t matter — just don’t go it alone.   If you’re not already part of the family, you’re welcome in my Finding Hope and Healing group on Facebook. And if you need more personalized support, we can work that out as well.

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