Painsomnia – Tips to end the no sleep cycle


Spoonies everywhere know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

Too miserable, too uncomfortable to fall asleep. Or stay asleep.

I’ve spent many a night up binge watching tv shows (it’s when I became obsessed with Downton Abbey…) And then I’ve spent many a day in the fog and fatigue mode from not getting enough rest.

That exhaustion makes it difficult to function, so getting some exercise, preparing the foods that will benefit our bodies, just taking care of life in general becomes next to impossible.  It creates  vicious downward spiral in our lives.

Lifestyle change will have the biggest impact on improving the painsomnia situation.  When I work one on one with clients, we focus on implementing changes in a way that is manageable for them. If that is something that interests you, we can schedule a call to chat about it.

There are a few things I can suggest for you to try now:

Take a warm epsom salt bath with soothing oils like Lavender or Roman Chamomile. These oils are relaxing to muscles, joints, and your stress level!  Combine one cup Epsom salts, 2 Tablespoons Baking Soda, and 6-8 drops of essential oil and then add to your warm bath water.  I also like to use a blend called Aromatouch that does wonders for my muscles and joints.

Spend 10 minutes or so doing some gentle stretching or light yoga to fully loosen up your muscles and joints before bed.  There are tons of modifications you can do to adjust to any physical limitations you may have.

Meditate or pray for 5-10 minutes – get your body in a state of relaxation to keep your muscles and joints comfortable for as long as possible.

And then – put away the screens (phones, tablets, laptops).  Yes. I understand this part you may be kicking and screaming about. I watched shows late into the night too. Or scrolled Facebook.  Or Insta.  But it messes with our ability to get to sleep.  Watch a show or check social media BEFORE your bedtime routine.

According to “The blue light emitted by screens on cell phones, computers, tablets, and televisions restrain the production of melatonin, the hormone that controls your sleep/wake cycle or circadian rhythm. Reducing melatonin makes it harder to fall and stay asleep. Most Americans admit to using electronics a few nights a week within an hour before bedtime. But to make 


sure technology isn’t harming your slumber, give yourself at least 30 minutes of gadget-free transition time before hitting the hay.”

Yes, this routine can take 30 minutes or so, but isn’t it worth a half an hour to get a better night’s rest?

We talk about lots of natural tips like this over in my Facebook group, Finding Hope & Healing with Chronic Illness.  I’d love to have you join us. Just not right before bedtime………..

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